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Seek is undoubtedly one of our most popular job boards, but it's not the only place to find great jobs. Below are our picks for the top local Job Boards.  Learn why some are used more by specific industries and job categories....



Seek was founded in Melbourne Australia in 1997 and is now ranked as New Zealand's number one employment site. A great place to start, job search, create a profile and upload your resume, and explore the resources available for job seekers. You'll find everything and anything job related - whether it's tips and templates to help you apply for jobs, through to recommended training pathways to fast track to your job prospects. 

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Indeed is probably less well known in New Zealand than Seek, but don't overlook this site for your job search. It's much cheaper to for businesses and recruiters to advertise on Indeed and many will be making the switch from Seek in a post Covid-19 job market. 

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Facebook is emerging as a community marketplace for the sale of goods, services, business listings and now job search. Advertising jobs on Facebook is proving highly popular with small businesses as it's fast and effective and has the potential to reach the right people very quickly. Oh, and it's free. We've curated a list of the most popular Job Boards on Facebook and welcome your suggestions. 

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CareerOne lets you search thousands of Australian jobs to find your dream job. 

Find and apply for the latest jobs in Australia from Melbourne, Perth to Adelaide and more. We’ll get you noticed.


Jobrapido is the "worlds leading job search engine", operating across 58 countries. Jobrapido collects job ads from employment and company websites that match your query.

For over 30 years, Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd, have been helping good people go great places. 


Other Job Boards? 

We are always keen to hear about new or popular job search sites. Contact us if you have a suggestion for this page... we'd love to hear from you.