Welcome to MyNewCV

MyNewCV has been created to provide a professional CV & cover letter writing and proofreading service for NZ & Australian job seekers. 

Covid-19 will have a long lasting and far reaching effect for many individuals and businesses - not only from a health, well-being and social perspective, but also how this aggressive and fast moving virus has already decimated our global economy and shattered any illusion of job or financial security.

If there was ever a time to re-evaluate your own skill set, assess your options and ensure you are 'job ready,' that time is now.

"CVs to get the job done. And show you can too."

Our Team

Karen Forsman | CV Writer 
Founder and General Manager

    Throughout her work life, Karen has worked in various sectors including agriculture, forestry, import/export, insurance, banking and more recently hospitality and tourism. She is also a highly successful Recruitment Consultant working with a diverse range of businesses throughout New Zealand & Australia. Read more...

    Karen launched MyNewCV to deliver an affordable CV writing and feedback service in a bid to assist local job seekers impacted by Covid-19.


    Alison Gygax
    Operations Support

    Alison brings many years operations experience from her background in corporate catering and hospitality in Scotland; including at BAE Systems, a large private school and public sports centres to name a few. Recruitment and management of teams was all in a days work and many a CV has crossed her desk!

    "We have been extremely fortunate to have someone of Alison's calibre involved from inception and she has provided much of the project grunt work needed to implement our vision for MyNewCV."


    Marcel Smith | CV Writer

    So much more than our girl friday; Marcel works tirelessly to ensure the myriad of day-to-day tasks at MyNewCV run smoothly.

    Marcel keeps her finger on the pulse to ensure we are meeting client deadlines and will often be the first person to e-greet via email or our website live-chat.


    Tam Johnson | CV Writer 
    Communications Consultant

    Tam specialises in administration and digital services to help grow successful businesses and visually communicate their brand. She has a wealth of experience through her work in the public health sector and private practice before founding Freelance Timaru.

    "I love working with businesses who need that extra touch put on their administrative duties and pride myself on going the extra mile."


    Esme Sutton | CV Writer
    Communications Consultant

    Mum of two and passionate entrepreneur, Esme has over 20+ years of experience in administration, small business management, bookkeeping & digital marketing skills to support small business owners.

    "Esme from ONTOIT VA was extremely helpful to myself and my business. Communications were easy, I felt really listened too and Esme came up with the most creative and innovative solutions!


    Meet our Specialist Partner Personalities

    Jessica Bell
    Communications Consultant

    Jessica is a communications specialist with 10 years’ experience in storytelling, public relations and brand building for small business and large corporates; including Fletcher Construction, Spark and Aurecon and not-for-profits such as Infrastructure New Zealand.

    Jessica brings extensive experience writing CVs for senior executives and technical specialists in the health, education, planning, transport and water sectors.


    Pallas Hupe Cotter
    Brand Articulation

    Pallas, originally from the US, now calls New Zealand home. Translating her storytelling and branding skills from award-winning work over two decades as a TV newscaster into a strategic messaging and personal development company called POP.

    Pallas has worked with iconic Kiwi companies including Xero, TradeMe and Kiwibank, coached politicians and C-suite executives to help position them strategically or pivot in new directions.