What to expect from our CV writing service

We offer a free CV check & feedback service for NZ & Australian job seekers. To take advantage of our free CV checks, please see the homepage of our website to upload your CV.

This is a quick and easy process, and we will generally respond within a few hours.

Once you’ve submitted your CV to us, we will take a look and give you some CV writing tips, and an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) score. ATS is used to scan job applications digitally. For more information on Applicant Tracking Software see here.

A feedback report will be sent to you via email, along with a quote for a professional rewrite & layout, plus cover letter.

Our pricing depends on the page length of your CV, the more information there is for us to edit and work through, the more time we will spend on the job. 

If you decide to utilise our CV (& cover letter service), place your order through our website shop and we will be in touch with you, usually the same day (excluding weekends.)

After placing your order, the first part of the process is to gather from you, any information missing from your CV, and prepare a first draft. 

Once you have reviewed the first draft copy of your new C, we will then make any changes you’ve advised, answer any questions you may have, and return to you with a second draft copy. 

This is a back and forth process that will continue until you confirm that you’re happy with the content of your new CV. Once confirmed, we will then come up with 3 layout options for you, including some color options as well.

When you have confirmed that you are happy with the content and layout of your CV, we finalise your documents and you receive a ready to go PDF document, as well as an editable MS Word document (so you can make changes in future.)

If you choose our CV & Cover letter bundle, you will receive your cover letter in Word document format along with your finalised CV.

If you have any afterthoughts once you’ve received your new CV (and Cover letter), we are happy to make any changes for you, up to 2 weeks after receiving your final documents.

We generally respond the same day of contact within business hours, and our CV writing process typically takes 3 days, depending on the response time from you/ providing the response time from you/the customer is also same day.

Check out our testimonials and upload your CV for a free check today.