How to Earn Money by Understanding Personal Finances

Sarah Searle has been teaching adults since 1997, in all array of subjects, from computing, to farming, to workplace communication. 

What became apparent in all these programmes was the need to address self-esteem and lack of understanding of finance.

Programme Creation

In 2017 Sarah created her own business and began putting together programme called “Your Worth”. This programme is specific to Sarah’s Solutions and addresses several finance traps, it gives people the confidence to discuss money with their peers. By allowing people to make their own decisions on their finances and their wellbeing increases dramatically. The growth in self-belief is incredible once people understand they are totally in control.

How this happened

Sarah Searle was a young mother, married to a farm worker with very little money for the longest period. Sarah has learnt to survive through hard times and studied towards an accounting degree when her children were young. After having purchased a local derelict store and losing large sums of money while working every waking moment, Sarah decided to study her own finances, and having closed the store in 2013, she embarked on an absolute finance makeover. Sarah and her husband Shane now have 6 properties, 4 of them freehold! 

Keeping Money Local

Sarah has discovered all the traps and pitfalls with finance companies, banks, insurance companies, utility companies, credit cards etc. So that she can make these all work for you rather than against you. During this time of uncertainty, it is so important that money is kept in our communities rather than going offshore.

Sarah prides herself in saving every learner $50,000 or more and so far, has succeeded with every person that has completed her programme (more than 1000 learners).


Sarah’s classes are available online through Zoom, they are 2 hours per week for 13 weeks and are fully subsidised provided you attend all 13 classes, (so no cost to the learner). Sarah runs a variety of available class times dependent on demand, and can take group lessons over Zoom with occasional face to face teaching. Sarah is also available for Key Note Speaking and Workshops on a case by case basis, depending on availability.

Where to find Sarah;


“This lady is a treasure! Her advice is sound, studied & well thought out. Her online teaching sessions are like having your closest friend in the room, blended with your smartest financial advisor. The best thing is that her suggestions are so clearly explained, you can make your own decisions easily.... and they work."
"Approximately one year ago, I came to a finance workshop you were running on the recommendation of one of my teaching colleagues from work. I was far too ashamed of my financial situation to discuss it in front of my staff. As a result, I arranged to meet you privately at the Library and laid all my debts out on the table. At the time, my husband and I were close to $30K in debt and I was embarrassed, emotional and couldn’t see a way out. You talked to me, told me the debt wasn’t actually that bad, took the shame away and suggested some ways we could organise our finances in order to repay the debt; while still maintaining some kind of lifestyle and starting a savings fund.
I’m writing to tell you that on the 16 July, we went unconditional on our first home, our dream home! And, as of today we are officially debt free (minus the mortgage!)
Our Mortgage now replaces (but is less than) the manageable payments we were making to interest free balance transfers, hire purchases etc, meaning we still have a growing savings fund and the budget we planned in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle."
From the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Thank you for making the next chapter of our lives possible. It was a future we could never envisage while we were practicing ‘ostrich syndrome’ and a chapter we can’t wait to begin."
“I'm putting my name out there 100%. No. 1000% support Sarah Searle! She helped my family and I soooooooo much with her finance class!"
"My husband didn't want to come to the classes because he didn't want to be told how to spend his money. He came to the first class....then every class afterwards until we graduated. He also told everybody he came across to attend. We are better off now financially now with 1 wage then we were with 2 wages and no children and pay no more money (on our mortgage) then what we were before attending her class. We also done a $10,000 house Reno and got a new car. It has just past a year since we signed up. You do the math!!!!!”