Covid19 - Worry Time!


If life has seasons, holy cow this season simply feels like a shit storm. Let us be real and honest for a bit, this is big. After the initial shock, if feels to me that life going forward is going to be both better and harder than I thought. This season, like all seasons is pretty much out of our control. The bigger stuff, world economics, unemployment rates, boarders closed, lockdown…………….. the list just goes on.

Soo much is simply out of our control.

It is not just what is out of our control but also what that means for us, might mean for us, could mean for us personally. With the worry comes the stories that we tell ourselves. Some of those worries may happen, others not and a good number not a chance. However, with so much “unprecedented” “uncertainty” “unsettling” there is a big space………to worry.

In doing so, we go down the rabbit hole. And once we start down the rabbit hole it is super hard to get. Telling you to not worry, just makes you think about it more. We tend to hear and act on the worry and our minds do not process the NOT.

15 mins worry time a day, you get to worry about all the things that are out of your control. All the I could have done……….I should have done……….I would have done………..and the I have absolutely no control over……….all that stuff that you either have no influence over or you cannot change.

4.45pm is my worry time, I even have a list that I add to during the day, for two reasons simply writing it down takes it off my mind and who knows maybe when 4.45pm comes round I might have forgot what I was worried about . Now we have 23 hours and 45 minutes to focus on what is in our control. The things that we can do something about. 23 hours and 45 minutes a day, so maybe you need to sleep but that still leaves about 16 hours!

What are you doing with your 16hours a day?

What are you doing in that 16hours, what are you thinking about, what is your mindset, what are your habits, your intentions, your thoughts………what are your actions?  What COULD you be doing with that 16hours a day? 

Worry is not necessarily “BAD”. Yes of course excessive worry and stress is. However, we tend to think we should have no worries. Instead I would invite you to notice what you are worried about. By noticing what you are worried about, what is out of your influence…….. is there an opportunity within your control? Is there something that you could do to circumvent it? To minimise it. To reduce the risk. Maybe? Maybe there is something that you could action? Maybe there is something you could change your attitude on? 


Di Foster

Di Foster is any Executive Coach, Executive Advisor, Inspirational Speaker + Mentor. Her

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